17 Aspect-By-Aspect Photos Of College On TV Vs. College IRL

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In Gilmore Girls, Rory’s dorm room is perfectly organized and decorated with like furniture and an entertainment draw, whereas genuinely, most school dorm rooms are most productive described as « organized chaos. »


In Boy Meets World, Cory and Shawn follow one one more from highschool to college. In the period in-between, you maintain misfortune even getting a textual whine relief out of your highschool mates.


In Undeclared, Steven’s dad shows up at college unannounced and it is ~completely cold~. But genuinely, you maintain a mini-coronary heart attack when your oldsters are visiting.


In Saved by the Bell: The College Years, random roommates from freshman year grow to be lifelong BFFs. But genuinely, there could be a excessive likelihood that random roommates develop no longer even like one one more.


In Boy Meets World, everyone shows up to class with a most inviting outfit and doesn’t look for drained in any appreciate. In the period in-between, you elope to class in a t-shirt taking a explore equivalent to you have not slept in weeks.


In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, everyone on campus goes to the identical big, wild occasions. In the period in-between, you use your weekends hopping between loads of slight occasions in very dinky apartments.


In Greek, everyone who’s any individual is engaging about Greek existence. But IRL, finest a handful of your mates are engaging about Greek existence, and likewise you’re completely widespread in the event you’re no longer.

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In Grown-ish, night classes are ~dapper~ laid-relief. But genuinely, night classes are the worst ingredient that’s ever came about to you and the cause to your coffee dependancy.


In Gilmore Girls, everyone spends spring spoil getting drunk on a seaside with their mates. But genuinely, you use spring spoil slumbering 12 hours a day and no longer leaving your sofa.


In One Tree Hill, college professors are snide other folks who take a seat in their offices waiting to extinguish college students’ GPAs. As a substitute, most school professors are if truth be told quite laid-relief.


In Felicity, transferring schools at the last minute in all equity easy. If truth be told, it is a fucking nightmare.


In One Tree Hill, the complete college attends each and each sporting match. But genuinely, unless you walk to an infinite, sports activities-centric college, you probably put out of your mind that there even are sports activities teams.


In Gilmore Girls, everyone automatically will get dapper aged in college. But IRL, everyone acts quite powerful the right linked as they did in highschool.


In The appropriate technique to Glean Away With Assassinate, other folks meet the like of their existence in random classes. But genuinely, you wish to message random other folks on Tinder to even score a date.


In Gilmore Girls, the eating hall serves inconceivable connoisseur meals. But genuinely, some eating halls abet meals that is barely fit to be eaten.


In Gilmore Girls, college students are in a position to balance a job, all of their classes, and a social existence with minimal stress. In the period in-between, right college college students are the most harassed out they’ve ever been in their total lives.


And finally in One Tree Hill, everyone automatically finds a job in their desired self-discipline after graduation. But genuinely, contemporary grads use all of their time painfully making employ of to each and each job that it is probably going you’ll imagine.

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