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IT HAPPENED: Kim Jong-un met with Xi Jinping in China

Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping. Xinhua News via Twitter China said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his wife had visited the country. The trip would mark the first time the two leaders met, and the first time Kim would met a world leader since he assumed power in 2011. During the meeting, Kim…

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Criminal one QUIC bit | APNIC Weblog

I’m never surprised by the ability of an IETF Working Group to obsess over what to any outside observer would appear to be a completely trivial matter.  Even so, I was impressed to see a large-scale discussion emerge over a single bit in a transport protocol being standardized by the IETF.  Is this an example… 0

Kim Jong Un confirms summits with US and South Korea

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« Darf ich das wegwerfen? »

Luna sagt, sie wolle jetzt ausmisten. Sie werde ganz viele Sachen wegschmeißen. Sie sagt: « Wenn man aufräumt, dann räumt man ja damit auch die Seele auf. » Luna sagt, sie sei immer wieder überrascht, wie wenig man eigentlich besitzen müsse. So vieles könne man einfach auf eBay verschachern. Ich finde das gut, Luna hat tatsächlich mächtig…

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The Lesson From Inventory Corrections Previous? 200 Days of Anxiety

Remember the last time stocks fell so hard? You probably don’t, and that’s making today’s market seem harsher than it is. It’s a fact of the life of the mind — things always seem worse in the present. In reality, they’re not. In this bull market alone there’s been five other corrections like this one,…