Alicia Diaz Gonzalez: Fifth Mexican journalist killed in 2018

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Journalist Alicia Diaz Gonzalez was chanced on pointless on Thursday at her house in Monterrey, northern Mexico, having it looks been severely overwhelmed.

Diaz Gonzalez « was on the flooring, face down, in a pool of blood having suffered blows, » a source from the Nuevo Leon whisper prosecutor’s situation of enterprise instructed AFP recordsdata agency on condition of anonymity.

The attack took situation between Eight:00am (13:00GMT) and 10:00am (15:00GMT) native time on Thursday in Colonia Paseo Residencial in Monterrey.

« She was chanced on internal her house at around 10:00 am subsequent to her formative years, who were resting on the second flooring of the building [when the incident took place], » the Nuevo Leon whisper prosecutor said on Twitter. 

The Fifty two-year-used reporter’s death was confirmed by El Financiero newspaper, the build she had labored since January. Editor Mauricio Mejia called for an « pressing … obedient response » on social media.

Translation: Her title was Alicia Diaz Gonzalez, she was overwhelmed to death in her house in Monterrey. Unless when? Ample of impunity, we need the whisper to make certain our safety. (Sanjuana Marinez a journalist wrote)

Diaz Gonzalez was chanced on by her son, Eduardo Andres, 20, who said he did not hear the relaxation, and he realised subsequent morning when he saw his pointless mother on the flooring.  

The authorities said that every traces of investigation were launch.

The Nationwide Price on Human Rights also called on the authorities of Nuevo Leon to make certain the existence, safety and private integrity of Gonzalez family. 

Unpunished crimes 

Earlier this month, radio journalist Juan Carlos Huerta was shot pointless as he left his house in a suburb of Villahermosa in southeast Mexico.

« They went to attain him, » Tabasco Governor Arturo Nunez Jimenez said at a recordsdata conference at the time, clarifying preliminary speculation that the shooting might perchance presumably hang been theft. 

His assassinate took situation one year after journalist Javier Valdez, who got world recognition for his coverage of drug trafficking, was shot pointless in his native Culiacan, Sinaloa, the build great cartels operate.

He was pulled from his car on Also can 15, 2017, and shot 12 instances. 

On the least 5 journalists, alongside with Diaz Gonzalez, hang been murdered in Mexico to this level in 2018. On the least two were killed as a instruct outcome of their work, constant with the Committee to Offer protection to Journalists (CPJ).

All the procedure via the presidency of President Enrique Pena Nieto, which started in 2012, not not up to Forty two journalists were murdered and there hang been about 2,000 attacks on reporters, constant with the organisation Article 19.

Mexico is opinion of as one among primarily the most unhealthy worldwide locations in the world to be a journalist with better than one hundred reporters killed since 2000. Most of these crimes remain unpunished. 

WATCH: Silencing journalists in Mexico

SOURCE: Al Jazeera and recordsdata agencies

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