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Jewel Howard-Taylor on warfare, Weah and her agenda

Monrovia, Liberia – As the ex-wife of Charles Taylor – a man serving a 50-year prison sentence for crimes against humanity, Jewel Howard-Taylor seems an unlikely choice of running mate in Liberia’s presidential election for football star-turned-politician, George Weah. However, this is the ticket which attracted the highest number of votes in October’s first round.…

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Saudi women scholars name out prince’s reform agenda

Leading female scholars from Saudi Arabia have described moves to ease restrictions on women as government spin aimed at an international audience to bolster support for efforts to liberalise its ailing economy. The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is seeking to appeal to western governments as a reformist while cracking down on the very…

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Honduras election: Women folk’s rights place on the agenda

Lucia Vijil pounds out a flurry of tweets directed at Honduras’ leading presidential candidates, pressuring them to make specific proposals on women’s rights. It’s more than clicktivism, she says. Vijil is one of hundreds of feminist activists with a clear message for politicians ahead of Sunday’s election: Honduran women won’t vote for candidates who ignore…