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John Bolton: The man from the underground

John Bolton is a sick man … He is a spiteful man. He is an unattractive man. I believe John Bolton’s liver is diseased. However, he knows nothing at all about his disease and does not know for certain what ails him. Yes, you guessed correctly, I am reworking Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s opening lines in his…

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Iran senses nuclear deal’s final gasps in Pompeo, Bolton picks

Shortly before the US presidential election in 2016, Mike Pompeo, a member of Congress known for his hard line on foreign policy, was asked on Fox News what he thought of the Iran nuclear deal under the Obama administration. Pompeo said then-Republican candidate Donald Trump was right in calling it a “disaster”. “What America ought…

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US: Who’s John Bolton?

John Bolton, the newly appointed US national security adviser, has been a force in Republican foreign policy circles for decades. Regarded as the most divisive US ambassador to the UN, Bolton has served in the Republican administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush and George W Bush. Here is a track record of his…