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UN demands cease of ‘unpleasant campaign’ in Syrian city

Top UN officials demanded an immediate cessation of aerial attacks on Syria’s devastated Eastern Ghouta with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calling the rebel-held enclave “hell on Earth”. Syrian forces backed by Russian warplanes continued to pound the Damascus suburb with at least 27 killed on Wednesday, bringing the civilian death toll to more than 270 – including…

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Partial blinding of Syrian runt one sparks viral campaign

An image of a heavily scarred Syrian baby whose mother was killed in an artillery barrage launched by government forces has sparked an outpouring of sympathy on Twitter and other social media platforms. The three-month-old child, known only by his first name Karim, lost his left eye and suffered wounds to his skull in the attacks…

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Syrian ‘victory’ kickstarts Putin’s election advertising and marketing and marketing campaign

Moscow, Russia – During a surprise visit to the Khmeimim airbase in western Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a withdrawal of Russian servicemen – and told them they were “going home victorious”. They did not just prop up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime that controlled an ever-shrinking territory and was nearing collapse when the Russian…