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UN urges instant evacuation of 137 Syrian young folks

The UN children’s agency has called for the immediate evacuation of scores of sick Syrian children from a besieged rebel-held enclave on the outskirts of Damascus amid continued violence. Five children in Eastern Ghouta have reportedly died, while 137 others require immediate medical assistance, UNICEF said in a statement on Sunday. The children, aged seven-months to 17-years, are unable to…

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The Philippines: when the police assassinate kids

Manila, Philippines – His parents named him Reynaldo de Guzman, but everyone knew him as Kulot (Curly) on account of his hair. Kulot grew up in Anak Pawis (Child of Sweat), a district by the banks of Manila’s largest floodway. Here, homes made of cardboard and bamboo vie for space with partially constructed concrete apartments. During…