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From Myanmar to Singapore: Why the maid trafficking continues

When we first heard about a 15-year-old domestic worker from Myanmar seeking help at a shelter in Singapore in 2016, we thought it was an isolated case. But at the shelter, we met three other teenage maids from Myanmar who’d also run away from their employers. One said she’d been physically abused; another fled after her male…

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Eastern Ghouta residents ‘mock’ ceasefire as killing continues

Residents of Syria’s Eastern Ghouta are “mocking” a so-called ceasefire in the area, as bombardments by the Syrian government and Russia continue, according to doctors and local activists.  At least five civilians were killed on Thursday in attacks on several towns in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta – a suburb of the capital Damascus – activist Abdelmalik…

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US condemns Syria’s ‘contempt’ for UN as Ghouta assault continues

The United States has accused Russia and the Syrian government of violating the Eastern Ghouta ceasefire at a United Nations Security Council meeting. The 30-day ceasefire, enshrined in Resolution 2401, was voted for unanimously by members of the Security Council on Saturday. It came on the back of an offensive launched by the Bashar al-Assad’s…