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Algeria announces three days of mourning over deadly airplane smash

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has decreed three days of national mourning after 257 people were killed in the country’s worst plane crash, the state press service, Algerie Presse Service, reported on Wednesday. “Following the crash of an air force Ilyushin today, killing 257 people, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika declared three days of national mourning starting today,”…

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China’s Tiangong-1 home space dwelling to fracture on Earth

Tiangong-1, China’s defunct space laboratory, will make an uncontrolled re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere within the 24 hours, according to Chinese officials. China’s first space station, the Tiangong-1, will come crashing back to Earth around midnight on Sunday , Chinese authorities have said. Launched in 2011, the abandoned craft has been slowly descending towards Earth’s atmosphere after China lost control of…

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Shock in Turkey after Basaran heiress, guests die in airplane fracture

Turks have taken to social media with expressions of sympathy and sorrow after the death of a Turkish heiress and social media personality, and seven of her friends in a plane crash in Iran. Mina Basaran, 28-year-old daughter of Turkish billionaire businessman Huseyin Basaran, and her female friends were flying back to Istanbul after celebrating…