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One man’s mission to set Rakhine culture and history

Mrauk U, Myanmar – For years in Myanmar, if Kyaw Hla Maung, a historian, were to roll up his sleeves and bare his arms he might have been arrested. His arms are tattooed with an unusual a script with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines and clusters of dots, the ancient Brahmi language of the Rakhine…

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Is Russia making an strive to erase Crimean Muslim culture?

Bakhchisaray, Ukraine – The mosque looked like a bandaged patient. The 500-year-old limestone building was wrapped in wooden scaffolding and long pieces of cloth that hid geometric ornaments and Koranic calligraphy. Next to it lay heavy bundles of steel rods that seemed alien in the courtyard of the seemingly weightless, palatial complex out-of-a-fairy-tale, built for…

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Olympics brings specialize in South Korea’s dogs-meat culture

Seoul, South Korea – For a long time, South Korea has been associated with a stereotype that many of its people enjoyed eating dog. At every major international sports event hosted by Korea, including this month’s Winter Olympics, activists fight to root out the centuries-old custom. The 1988 Seoul Olympics marked the first time South…