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South Sudan archivists worry lack of historical texts 0

South Sudan archivists worry lack of historical texts

Juba, South Sudan – The history of Africa’s youngest nation is on the shelves surrounding Youssef Onyalla. Onyalla, director of South Sudan’s national archives, delicately turns the yellowed pages, which provide a link to the country’s past.  “We have archives on [tribes], we have documents on roads, we have documents on criminal cases, and then we have a…

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Trump and Jerusalem: a suitable and historical appraisal

US President Donald Trump has said it is time to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The decision comes seven decades after the Declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel, that was unilaterally announced on 14 May 1948 by David Ben-Gurion. At the time, no borders were settled for the new state. It…