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Iran’s Gonabadi Dervishes: A ‘prolonged historical previous’ of persecution

On the night of February 19, growing tension between Iranian security forces and members of the country’s Gonabadi Sufi order came to a violent head in north Tehran. Gonabadi “Dervishes” had gathered that Monday in front of Police Station 102, Pasdaran Avenue, to protest the arrest of a member of their community, Nematollah Riahi, who…

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Ethiopia: Mass protests ‘rooted in country’s history’

It has been a tumultuous week in Ethiopian politics after the country’s prime minister abruptly resigned and the ruling coalition declared a six-month state of emergency as it seeks to contain mass anti-government protests. These protests are at the heart of Hailemariam Desalegn’s decision to step down, according to several experts, who say the country is…

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The need for a Palestinian historical past from under

The 1993 Oslo Accord is a critical juncture that shattered the cohesiveness of Palestinian discourse and weakened and divided the Palestinian people. However, it is not too late to remedy this through decisive and concentrated efforts that overcome the challenge of a Palestinian political viewpoint beholden to self-seeking political aspirations and competing factions. In the…