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Cypriot kid’s 1974 gallop into the unknown

Nicosia, Cyprus – Nine-year-old Mihalis Mihail had never seen a ship before, let alone been on board one. Yet there he stood, anxious and confused on the deck of The Patra, about to embark on a journey that would change his life forever. The port of Limassol in southern Cyprus stirred with unusual commotion that…

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‘I misplaced two sons’: Tunisians’ scamper by sea to Europe

Ouardia neighbourhood, Tunis – Hamed Rhimi reaches into his coat’s breast pocket and pulls out a see-through plastic pouch, a little larger than the size of his hand. He shuffles through several folded up pieces of paper until he finds what he’s looking for: two official Tunisian identity cards. The country’s flag – red and…