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Does KANA TV ticket extra media freedom?

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Race car driver Fahmi Girma tears along a dirt track in his souped-up Toyota Vitz on the outskirts of Addis Ababa past shepherd boys tending cattle – accompanied by energetic Ethiopian music. The four-minute clip, in which 27-year-old Girma also discusses the history of race car driving in Ethiopia and its…

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Saudi anti-terrorism summit panned on social media

Palestinians and Arabs on social media have reacted with anger after a newly formed, self-proclaimed anti-terrorism coalition opened their first meeting in Riyadh with a video that included a scene of a Palestinian fighting Israeli occupation forces. Monday’s summit of the Islamic Coalition Against Terrorism was attended by representatives from 41 Muslim countries and was led by…

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Vladimir Putin indicators bill focusing on foreign media

So he’s signed it. Of course, there was never much doubt Vladimir Putin would put pen to paper on a piece of legislation that’s been rushed through both houses of parliament in roughly two weeks. But now that it’s officially law, we’ll soon see how Russia’s media foreign agent bill is to be used. As…