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Trump donor in Ukraine criminal probe

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine has launched an investigation into claims surrounding an alleged multi-million dollar lobbying contract that names one of US President Donald Trump’s most influential fundraisers, Elliott Broidy. The 12-page document, which appears to have been signed by Broidy, outlines his role as providing “political advocacy” on behalf of a now sanctioned Russian bank,…

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Oxfam: Seek ‘threatened’ in sexual misconduct probe

Three men who worked for the Oxfam Haiti team and are accused of sexual misconduct in the country physically threatened a witness during an internal investigation into the allegations, UK-based charity Oxfam said.  The aid organisation released the findings of its 2011 internal inquiry into allegations of sexual misconduct of its staff in Haiti on…

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Israel’s Shin Bet to face first-ever torture probe

For the first time in its history, an interrogator from Israel’s secret police agency, the Shin Bet, is to face a criminal investigation over allegations of torture. It will be the first probe of the Shin Bet since Israel’s supreme court issued a landmark ruling nearly two decades ago prohibiting, except in extraordinary circumstances, the…