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Rohingya need an ‘self sustaining plot’, now not repatriation

England, United Kingdom – As Myanmar’s Rohingya continue to trickle into neighbouring Bangladesh, extending a six-month exodus, talk of repatriation simmers at the diplomatic level. There are already about one million members of the persecuted, mostly-Muslim minority struggling in overcrowded camps in the South Asian country. They have fled what several international leaders have termed a…

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Ukraine proclaims Russian ‘occupation’ in eastern self-discipline

Ukraine’s far eastern region is “occupied” by Russia, the parliament announced on Thursday, as Moscow warned the declaration could reignite a new war. Ukraine’s parliament adopted the “Donbass reintegration law” with 280 lawmakers voting in favour in the 450-seat body. The bill was submitted by Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. The law outlines the legal responsibilities…

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Why are tensions rising in the Red Sea set?

Tensions in the Red Sea region have been brewing for months, but came to the fore when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Sudan last month. The visit, hailed as historic, was the first by a Turkish head of state since 1956, when Sudan gained independence. Sudan’s official state news agency said that the two…