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Algeria’s Berbers impart for Tamazight language rights

Berber communities in Algeria are calling on the government to allocate state funding to promote and preserve their indigenous language, a demand that has prompted several protests in the country’s northern region this week. The protests come after an amendment to 2018 budget legislation that would have formalised the teaching of the Tamazight language in…

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UAE delegate ‘storms out’ of UN human rights meeting

Activists have accused Emirati officials of refusing to address criticism of the UAE’s human rights record and storming out of a UN organised meeting with civil society groups. Rights groups presented Emirati officials with evidence of alleged abuses happening in the country at the UN Universal Periodical Review (UPR) pre-session in the Swiss city of Geneva…

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Honduras election: Women folk’s rights place on the agenda

Lucia Vijil pounds out a flurry of tweets directed at Honduras’ leading presidential candidates, pressuring them to make specific proposals on women’s rights. It’s more than clicktivism, she says. Vijil is one of hundreds of feminist activists with a clear message for politicians ahead of Sunday’s election: Honduran women won’t vote for candidates who ignore…