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Austria’s Muslims fright being forged as chance to security

Islam was mentioned a total of 21 times in the Austrian coalition’s new governmental programme, titled “Together. For our Austria”. In terms of domestic security, the programme focused on “political Islam” and “Islamist extremism”. Yet, despite a dramatic increase in the number of right-wing attacks in recent years in Austria, there was no mention of right-wing…

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Bhutto: Security has collapsed

Editor’s note: This interview originally aired on November 3, 2017, less than two months before her assassination. Benazir Bhutto, the former Pakistani prime minister, has told Al Jazeera security in her country has “collapsed” and accused the authorities of turning a “blind eye” to armed groups in several regions. “Not only are our tribal areas out of…

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Trump: Russia, China ‘opponents’ threaten US security

Donald Trump unveiled a new “America First” national security strategy that promised to prioritise US economic interests and named China and Russia as “competition” that threaten to harm the country’s security. The Trump administration unveiled its National Security Strategy on Monday, vowing to put the interests of American citizens first on a range of issues, including combatting…