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Essentially the most efficient cameras below $1,000

Our top DSLR picks DSLRs are the weak point of the midrange-camera category, as they lack features like 4K and in-body stabilization that can be found in mirrorless and even compact models. Nikon finally released an APS-C model with 4K, the $1,300 D7500, so let’s hope that trend continues in 2018. If you’re looking to…

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Machine Finding out Break Direction  |  Google Developers

A self-study guide for aspiring machine learning practitioners Machine Learning Crash Course features a series of lessons with video lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on practice exercises. 40+ exercises 25 lessons 15 hours Lectures from Google researchers Real-world case studies Interactive visualizations of algorithms in action

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Tesla Mannequin three evaluation: the short and infuriating

To say the $35,000 Model 3 is important to Tesla would be an understatement. Judging by its pre-orders (the highest the industry has seen), it’s already the most anticipated car ever. It’s the culmination of CEO Elon Musk’s nearly 12-year-old “master plan” to bring an affordable EV to market. Now that the Model 3 is…

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GKN creates innovative new drag-in hybrid powertrain for SUVs

GKN is a pioneer of all-wheel drive systems. Most recently, it has been combining mechanical and electric drive. GKN The result is this, the GKN Technology Demonstrator 2018. GKN It started life as a Mercedes-AMG GLA 45, but GKN ditched most of the existing powertrain. Now there’s a computer-controlled torque vectoring system at the front…

That it’s likely you’ll maybe perchance imagine interaction between baryons and darkish-topic particles published by the dear stars 0

That it’s likely you’ll maybe perchance imagine interaction between baryons and darkish-topic particles published by the dear stars

1.Madau, P., Meiksin, A. & Rees, M. J. 21 centimeter tomography of the intergalactic medium at high redshift. Astrophys. J. 475, 429–444 (1997) 2.Tozzi, P., Madau, P., Meiksin, A. & Rees, M. J. Radio signatures of H i at high redshift: mapping the end of the “dark ages”. Astrophys. J. 528, 597–606 (2000) 3.Furlanetto, S.…

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The chaos of unlocking your phone in 2018

Vivo’s using ultrasound sensors that can apparently read your prints across a bigger area beneath the screen. (In comparison, the last model did the same scanning trick with a tiny camera sensor, but that’s something apparently only possible with OLED screens). When Engadget Senior Editor, Chris Velazco, tested it out in person, the tech wasn’t…

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We have raised a $10 million Sequence A from Initialized Capital

We started Triplebyte because we were frustrated by the noise present in every step of the hiring process. It begins with looking for keywords on a resume and ends with making gut call interview decisions. The result is companies missing out on hiring great people. Our goal is making hiring more scientific by using objective…

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Amazon splurges on Ring, hopes neat doorbells bolster in-home deliveries

Enlarge / Ring Video Doorbell 2 RingAmazon continues to bring smart home startups under its wing with its newest acquisition. According to a Reuters report, the online retailer agreed to buy Ring, maker of connected video doorbells and smart home security cameras, for reportedly more than $1 billion. The California-based startup is a logical acquisition…

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Stripe Atlas: Instrument as a Provider pricing

Stripe Atlas, which helps internet companies get up and running, frequently gets asked questions by software-as-a-service entrepreneurs on how to improve the pricing and packaging of their SaaS products. After publishing our recent guide to low-touch and high-touch SaaS businesses, we had a Q&A session in our private forums for SaaS entrepreneurs specific to pricing…