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Tunisians march on seventh anniversary of uprising

Tunis – Several thousand people marched through the main street of the Tunisian capital on Sunday, the seventh anniversary of the toppling of the country’s former president after mass protests. But for many people, this year’s commemoration of the fall of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali turned into a protest against state austerity measures, unemployment…

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The quit 10 ways to discredit any uprising in Iran

As the historical, consistent, and periodic uprisings of Iranians against tyranny in their homeland enters a new phase, here are the top 10 ways any such momentous occasion can be instantly discredited and compromised.  1. Have US President Donald Trump tweet his support for the Iranian people and their struggles for freedom and democracy. Then have…

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Yemen’s exiled President Hadi requires contemporary uprising

Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has urged Yemenis to rise up against the Houthi rebels as violence further escalated in the capital, Sanaa, following the assassination of the country’s former leader, Ali Abdullah Saleh.  Hadi called for a “new page” in the battle against the Houthis in a speech carried live on Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya TV…