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Kurdish fighters negate to wrestle Turkey navy after Afrin withdrawal

Kurdish fighters in the northwestern Syrian region of Afrin have vowed to continue fighting Turkey’s forces and Turkey-backed rebel groups, by shifting from direct confrontation to guerrilla tactics. Meanwhile, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels and Turkish forces, who gained complete control of the city of Afrin on Sunday, continued their activities to secure the…

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Doubts over affect of Putin’s Syria withdrawal declaration

On a brief and surprise stopover, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin landed in Khmeimim airbase in Syria’s Latakia early on Monday. Addressing Russian troops before him on the tarmac, an upbeat and triumphant Putin claimed military victory in the war-torn country and announced that a “significant part” of the deployed force could now return home. It…

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Putin orders initiating of withdrawal from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a surprise visit to a Russian base in Syria and ordered the start his troops’ withdrawal from the war-torn country. Syrian state TV reported that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with Putin at Khmeimim Air Base southeast of Latakia on Monday morning. Putin made the stop in Syria on…