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Honour killings in India: An assault on ladies’s autonomy

Violence against women’s autonomy, in all matters and especially in matters of sexuality and marriage, is one of India’s most widespread and tenacious forms of gender violence – and also the least recognised. It is a form of violence that hides in plain sight. Violence (against men and women both) to prevent a woman from…

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Narendra Modi: A untrue crusader for females’s rights

These days, a popular joke making the rounds in India is that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) loves Muslim women, but not Muslim men.  The joke makes fun of BJP’s attempts to portray its rightwing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a crusader against religious orthodoxy, seeking to liberate Muslim women from the clutches of patriarchy. The BJP started crafting this…

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300 and sixty five days below Trump: ‘An assault on ladies folks’s effectively being’

It was one year ago that millions of women worldwide marched against newly-inaugurated US President Donald Trump. The marches were meant to send a message to Trump after a presidential election that “insulted, demonised and threatened” women, immigrants and those from the LGBTQ community and others. “[The march] will send a bold message to our…