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Russian soccer hooligans face a crackdown forward of World Cup

Moscow, Russia – On a Saturday evening, thousands of football fans in red and white scarves streamed to the Otkritie Arena stadium in Moscow amid heavy police presence. FC Spartak Moskva was to play its first match after a two-week break in March. Spartak, which is vying for the Russian Premier League trophy, was to…

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Beautiful mosque architecture from across the arena

When it comes to the architectural design of mosques, nothing is arbitrary. Mosques function not just as a tangible place of worship, but also as a space in which architectural language itself glorifies God with its resplendent colonnades, sloping domes, kaleidoscopic frescos, and dizzying geometric designs. The mosque is not merely beautiful, although beauty in…

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How Putin didn’t alarm the enviornment

On March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual state-of-the-nation speech. The intended audience, however, was not really the Federal Assembly or his electorate; it was actually the West – and more specifically the US. The address almost sounded like one that a North Korea leader would deliver. After a short introduction about economic…

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Netanyahu: Iran is the supreme threat to the area

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, has labelled Iran “the greatest threat to the world” in his address to the Munich Security Conference in Germany. Comparing Iran to Nazi Germany, Netanyahu said on Sunday that Iran advocates “master faith” just like Nazi Germany used to advocate “master race”. “The commander of the Revolutionary Guard, [Mohammad] Ali…

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Girls folks unite for World Hijab Day

Growing up in the Bronx in New York City with a hijab covering her head, Nazma Khan says she is all too familiar with religious discrimination from a young age. The Bangladesh native migrated to the United States at the age of 11 and was constantly bullied throughout middle and high school. The bullying took…

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Iran’s supreme chief: Saudis betrayed Muslim world

Iran’s supreme leader has said Saudi Arabia’s alignment with the United States and Israel is “certainly a betrayal” of the Muslims. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made the remark at a conference attended by parliamentary representatives from Islamic countries on Tuesday in Tehran, according to a statement published on his official website. Discussing the recent US recognition…

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World welcomes 2018

A bride and groom react to their marriage documents during a mass wedding held in celebration of the new year in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hundreds of couples took part in the mass marriage, held by the city government to help those unable to afford an individual wedding. [Dita Alangkara/AP Photo]

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Cosy New Year! Cities through the world welcome 2018

Festivities have begun around the world as revellers cheered the advent of the New Year, with Australia, New Zealand and Japan being some of the first countries to bid farewell to 2017. In the Australian city of Sydney, more than an estimated one million people gathered to watch a spectacular fireworks display in the harbour. About…