Jason Whitlock unearths why LiAngelo’s model of the UCLA shoplifting myth he told on the This day Repeat is ‘not remotely excellent’ (VIDEO)

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– I know from a extremely, extremely legitimate source that LiAngelo’s credit rating card change into declined. That’s what introduced about the shoplifting, and so this entire reveal of, oh, americans lawful started taking issues, and I form of fell in in the support of, that is bogus. His credit rating card declined. That triggers the shoplifting. And of the three early life, absolute most reasonable one in every of them shoplifted from all three retail outlets– LiAngelo Ball.

HOST: Wow.

– So this insinuation that these a form of two early life– Cody Riley, Jalen Hill– that they are– oh, they had been the ringleaders. No, LiAngelo Ball on « The This day Repeat » with his dad sitting excellent there lawful backed the bus over two black early life and in overall blamed them and mentioned he change into lawful falling in in the support of them. That’s not remotely excellent. His credit rating card declined, and he change into the absolute most reasonable of the three to shoplift from all three retail outlets.

– OK, I’ve not heard that document. That’s breaking news. OK, there change into furthermore this LaVar Ball announcing Trump didn’t manufacture anything else, that in overall I obtained the kids out. And by the style, they’ve gone backward and ahead, I bet, on Twitter. You’ve got obtained news on that.

– I would possibly defend LaVar rather in this instance. What came about with Trump’s involvement– the US consulate, UCLA slash a address the Chinese language authorities. These early life are going to manufacture 20 days home arrest in this resort. So Trump failed to procure them out of the 5- to 10-yr penal complicated duration of time. That’s what LaVar doubtless is regarding.


– When he says, Trump didn’t manufacture anything else. Didn’t manufacture anything else. However where he isn’t excellent is– and what UCLA’s topic change into– but but again, you obtained to be wide awake what UCLA. Is a sizable, outstanding, world-well-known, tutorial institution.

HOST: Oh, God, certain.

– It isn’t lawful an athletic factory. In actual fact, you know, when compared with USC, it truly isn’t an athletic factory. And so what UCLA change into alive to on is if those early life manufacture 20 days in China, they assign not appear to be– the educational aspect of our university isn’t going to slash them slack. They’re probably going to flunk out of UCLA.

HOST: Ahh.

– And so as that change into a serious topic for Jalen Hill, Cody Riley, Steve Alford, the basketball program. We procedure not need these early life flunking out. So Trump did, by talking to the Chinese language president, he’s the purpose they obtained to reach support home after eight days and offer protection to their tutorial standing in UCLA.

HOST: Wow, so as that, but but again, that has not been reported. Jason Whitlock joining us. I’m lawful– that’s inconceivable. You’ve got really caught him in two lies. LiAngelo and LaVar.

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