Rebekah Shelton is now not in truth stupid – Immense Brother star confirms her Twitter became hacked

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Rebekah Shelton has confirmed she is now not in truth stupid – despite a tweet on her account showing this morning to teach she had handed away.

The Immense Brother star posted a video on the the same Twitter account asserting she’d been hacked.

« I’m now not stupid!!!!!! Please quit spreading this files!!!!! My criminal apt is already working on this and this one who desires to ruin my happiness goes to pay for it!!!!! » she captioned it.

A tweet had regarded from her in truth helpful Twitter within the early hours of Friday morning asserting Rebekah had died on Wednesday.

Rebekah said she’s « been through hell » this day

She blamed the hacked tweet on any individual who’s aware of her

« We’re sorry to uncover all americans of the sad files that our most spirited and gorgeous Rebekah died all true now on Wednesday evening, » the tweet read.

« We ask that you just respect the household’s privateness right this moment. »

It has since been deleted.

Within the video, shot in her resort room, a baffled Rebekah tells the camera that her Twitter account became hacked.

« Hi all americans, I may per chance possibly per chance possibly beautiful love to noble ask please quit spreading rumours that I’m stupid because obviously I’m now not, » she said.

She’s engaging her legal professionals to gain to the backside of the unique train

« I have been through hell this day because any individual feeble my Twitter account to put in writing that wearisome space about me.

« This particular person can not rep the very fact I’m fully delighted, that I overcame all my complications and I’m finally residing my lifestyles fully delighted.

« I’m on vacation, I’m in Arabia and I’m now not stupid, » she done.

Immense Brother’s in truth helpful Twitter account moreover removed the tribute it had paid to her earlier this day.

« So sad to hear that Rebekah Shelton , who regarded in BBUK 2009 as Rodrigo Lopes, has handed away feeble beautiful 32. Our thoughts are along with her mates and household, from all americans right here at Immense Brother UK, » it had said.

And fans had flooded social media to pay tribute to the feeble housemate after her dying became reported.

« Right here’s such sad files. She became a gorgeous soul. Died diagram too younger. Rest in peace dear, » one had said.

Rebekah is within the intervening time on vacation, satisfactory and properly

« Heartbreaking to hear about Rebekah Shelton. An even wanting lady within & out, who suffered unnecessarily for being born within the injurious physique, » wrote yet every other. « Proof more must be accomplished to gain the Trans community in truth feel permitted & shielded from discrimination.Simplest takes 1 unkind discover, 1 unkind ogle… »

A third tweeted: « So sorry to read the terribly sad files about Rebekah Shelton thoughts are with the household at this very sad time, sleep tight Angel X RIP. »

Rodrigo Lopes, now Rebekah Shelton, on Immense Brother 2009

Rebekah became formerly identified as Rodrigo Lopes on Immense Brother in 2009

On the opposite hand, as soon as it became confirmed Rebekah is soundless very mighty, the tributes became to baffled reactions.

« WOW as if any individual hoaxed Rebekah Shelton’s dying. That is low. Very low, » one said.

« I if fact be told develop now not private I’m going to ever gain over the true lifestyles y’all wished a twist eh of this day’s Rebekah Shelton legend, » added yet every other.

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