The US embassy in London says the initial understanding to cross and finance a original building became a Bush decision

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US Embassy London invent
The original US embassy in London will start January


  • President Donald Trump blamed his decision to not consult with
    the UK on a « inappropriate deal » negotiated by the Obama
  • The US embassy in London says the understanding to the finance a
    original embassy goes abet to the George W. Bush
  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan talked about that Trump would hold been
    met by mass peaceable protests if he came to the UK.
  • British Top Minister Theresa Could per chance will recount Trump he
    is peaceable welcome in London, in step with a Downing Facet toll road

The US embassy in London has responded to US
President Donald Trump after he described the original £750
million embassy in Battersea, which opens January Sixteen, as a « inappropriate
deal. »

On Friday, Trump cancelled a February time out to the UK to start
the original embassy. He blamed the cancelled consult with on the « off
plan » of the original embassy, which is transferring from Grosvenor
Sq. in Mayfair to 9 Elms, south of the Thames.

He talked about the embassy became offered for « peanuts » in a heart-broken deal
negotiated by his predecessor Obama’s administration.

On Friday night, a US embassy spokesman hit abet on the
president’s claims. He talked about the understanding to finance the mission became
developed in 2007, at a time when George W. Bush became in the White

« The US chancery in Grosvenor Sq. had extinct past its ability
to be improved to most original security and lifestyles security requirements
without intensive funding in infrastructure that would perhaps per chance perhaps require
appropriated greenbacks, » he talked about.

« In 2007, the division developed a understanding to finance a original
embassy mission through a property swap for gift US
authorities property in London.

« This resolution allowed construction of a original chancery that meets
all security requirements, yet feeble no taxpayer greenbacks to fund the
mission. »

The spokesman talked about the funds became roughly one billion
greenbacks (£730 million) and contains the positioning contain, invent,
and construction prices.

He added: « The mission has been executed all the scheme through the established
funds. The learn for a original embassy predicament in London regarded as
bigger than 50 websites.

« A multi-disciplinary team of experts regarded as over a hundred and seventy
criteria, to consist of bodily security requirements, and
decided that the 9 Elms predicament became the handiest overall plan
for the US authorities.

« The original embassy in 9 Elms is surely one of the most get, good day-tech,
and environmentally-apt embassies the US has ever

US Embassy London
the original embassy is a 12-chronicle glass dice without
considered walls.


« We are strongly dedicated in the special relationship between
our two countries and we’re confident the original embassy will
present the mandatory platform to proceed our cooperation. »

Mr Trump’s tweet which sparked the row learn: « Cause I cancelled
my time out to London is that I am not a gigantic fan of the Obama
Administration having offered per chance the handiest located and most moving
embassy in London for ‘peanuts,’ handiest to originate a original one in an
off plan for 1.2 billion greenbacks.

Sadiq Khan talked about the US president had « received the
message » from Londoners and would hold been met by « mass
peaceable protests » if he went forward with plans to start the original

His comments sparked criticism from International Secretary Boris
Johnson, who accused the Mayor of London of endangering the
so-called « special relationship. »

There became in the inspiration confusion as Downing Facet toll road became unable to impart
whether the International Secretary became speaking for the Authorities
when he talked about Mr Khan and Jeremy Corbyn hold been inserting the « mandatory
relationship at possibility. »

A Number 10 provide talked about: « Boris expresses himself in his contain
inimitable scheme, nevertheless we agree that any possibility to the mandatory US-UK
relationship just isn’t in our nation’s handiest interests. »

A Downing Facet toll road spokesman talked about Mrs Could per chance would recount Mr Trump he’s
welcome in London.

Asked in regards to the PM’s views on south London after the president
described the embassy’s original predicament as an « off plan, » the Number
10 spokesman talked about: « I deem Vauxhall is a vivid and anxious
fragment of London and home to many businesses. Obviously Apple are
transferring their headquarters there. »

The spokesman added: « A command consult with (invitation) has been
extended and authorized and we are able to substantiate the facts in due

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